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Explore practicality and elegance with our custom Kitchen Projects

Bespoke kitchen projects

Immerse yourself in a world of unmatched luxury and comfort with Difratelli USA’s meticulously crafted bespoke kitchen projects.

Tailored to your taste

Our expert designers bring your culinary dreams to life, creating an inviting ambiance with exquisite finishes and custom cabinetry.

High-End Kitchen

Elevate your kitchen experience with high-end materials and finishes, tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle. 

Custom kitchen cabinets

Difratelli USA – Redefining Luxury Kitchen Spaces for Discerning Tastes.

Difratelli's Remarkable Distinctions

Embrace the seamless harmony of aesthetics and functionality, optimizing every inch for ease and efficiency

  • Elevate your kitchen experience

    Discover the joy of creating culinary masterpieces in a kitchen that embodies opulence and style.

     Elevate your kitchen experience
  • Elevate your kitchen experience

    Elevate your cooking experience with our finest craftsmanship and opulent design. Explore our bespoke kitchen projects now and redefine culinary indulgence. 

     Elevate your kitchen experience
  • Elevate your kitchen experience

    The High End Cabinetry concept stands out for its use of top-of-the-line materials, ensuring furniture durability, beauty, and functionality. 

     Elevate your kitchen experience

    We recently moved to Orlando and wanted something custom made for our new home. It was when we were introduced to Difratelli USA, represented by Diego Almeida. Diego with all his patience and attention to details, presented us with the project that would change our home. We were more than happy and satisfied with the service, quality and execution of our project. We also acquired loose furniture pieces of extravagant quality. Everything was executed according to what we wanted and had planned. Difratelli USA is the company to go and it’s here to begin it’s name in the great state of Florida.

    Márcia Vieira Customer

    We had them renovate both master bedroom closets and our bedroom. It turned out amazing, couldn’t be happier with how it looks! Diego was very professional, detailed and went above and beyond to ensure everything was done to our satisfaction. The workers who did the install were courteous and very hard working. It was a great experience and we would highly recommend Diego and Holmes Design to all of our friends!

    Ligia Lagrow Customer

    Diego really cares about the details and is very committed to the project. He gets to capture exactly what you want, always respecting your opinion.😃 I loved every single detail! I really recommend them!🙌😊

    Chris O.F Customer

    Outstanding! We had great service from the beginning of the project to the end and they were very careful with the delivery and installation as well. - We were extremely happy with the end result of each project that were prepared by DIFRATELLI USA. We highly recommend the company.

    Anelise Huttenlocher Customer

    A+++++! They are very Committed with your needs and have a Great Quality of the items and service! They also make the renderings to makes a huge difference!

    Alessandro Falino Customer

    I recommend the company Difratelli for all excellence. From the first contact I was treated very well. They are super attentive, Extreme quality material. Various design options. Excellent service and punctual staff.

    Patricia Medeiros Customer

    Extreme quality products. Excellent service. Very competent team. I recommend.

    Emporium Stones Gabriel Customer

    Good quality of material !! Beautiful design looks amazing!! We really recommend!!!

    Alexandre Albiero Customer


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