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Top trends in interior design for 2023, part 1

   When it comes to trends, we already know there won’t be an absolute consensus on which topics are the most important or indispensable for a specific trend list or theme. The same applies to custom cabinets. With so many options, tastes, styles, and even different locations, how can we establish a single trend for everyone who appreciates the art of custom cabinets and interior design?

   We know that it’s not possible to dictate which trends will prevail or when they will emerge. However, we can identify the main recurring trends that captivate people’s attention. Some trends are new and modern, while others resurface from time to time, bringing back the charm of bygone eras as if they were fresh and innovative.

   With this challenge in mind, we have gathered in this article the key trends that are commonly observed in both the USA and Brazil for custom cabinets in 2023. By exploring these trends, we aim to provide valuable insights and inspiration for creating unique and personalized spaces.

Wood and reforested materials

    This is perhaps the main trend in custom cabinets worldwide, where wood, the primary raw material, comes from reforested forests. It is not only the most popular trend but also one that has become a fundamental principle. Cabinets made from reforested wood are gaining popularity as people become increasingly concerned about the impacts of deforestation on native forests due to illegal logging.

   Another highly sought-after principle for custom cabinets is durability and longevity. This involves ensuring high-quality manufacturing techniques and use of durable materials, resulting in products that have a longer lifespan and reduce the need for frequent replacement. The use of water-based paints for finishes is also gaining preference among consumers. These paints are less harmful to the environment during the manufacturing process and can be easily dissolved in water.

Minimalist Design

Another important and recurring trend in today’s world is the concept of minimalism. In general, this concept can be understood as a lifestyle, a philosophy, or even an artistic movement that seeks simplicity by reducing or eliminating unnecessary or superfluous elements from everyday life and the environment, while valuing the simple and essential.

In custom cabinets, there is a greater emphasis on simple yet refined designs, soft colors, and clean lines, creating a sense of calm in the spaces and a modern and simplified appearance. Functionality and simplicity are key characteristics of minimalist style. Minimalist custom cabinets are designed to be highly functional, prioritizing intelligent use of space and offering efficient storage solutions. Simplicity is valued, with minimal decorative elements and an absence of excess.

Biophilic Design

   Biophilic design is an architectural approach aimed at fostering a connection between building occupants and nature. It was conceptualized by American sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson in the 1980s, who advocated the idea that “humans have an innate affinity for nature and a need for connection with the natural environment to promote well-being and health.” From this concept emerged the idea of optimizing natural light, open spaces that provide better ventilation, and other elements that enhance well-being and productivity.

   Within the domain of custom cabinets, designers foresee the incorporation of natural materials such as bamboo, cork, and live wood, adding personality without overwhelming the spaces. Wooden cabinets and kitchen islands will become more common, with choices like white oak and walnut being among the most popular. Wood will also be featured in bathroom vanities and shelves, with cabinets adorned with small plant pots throughout the home.

   The predominant colors will be inspired by nature, including shades of green and desert tones that harmonize perfectly with the wood hues. We are also witnessing a resurgence of natural stone countertops, such as quartzite, marble, dark leather granite, and soapstone. In summary, the essence of biophilic design lies in the constant pursuit of bringing nature closer to us, whether through plant-rich decorations or through light, open spaces and cabinets in natural green and brown tones.

Light and Vibrant Colors

   After a period in which white and gray tones dominated the spaces and homes, vibrant colors are making a comeback as a way to add personality and lightness to residences. This year, we are witnessing the coexistence of neutral tones like white, gray, and beige with soft and light pastel shades.

   Pastel tones such as pink, green, and light blue bring a gentle and welcoming atmosphere to the environment, making them ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. As for cabinets, these light colors can be incorporated, offering a distinct and delicate aesthetic.

   Another trend is the use of combinations of light colors in custom cabinets, such as beige with white, creating an elegant and sophisticated look, or gray with light blue, establishing a serene and inviting ambiance. These combinations are perfect for those seeking a clean and contemporary environment.

to be continued...

   As we delve into the trends of custom cabinets and interior design for 2023, it is crucial to consider sustainability, minimalism, biophilic design, and the use of light and vibrant colors. These trends reflect the quest for harmonious, functional, and nature-connected spaces, creating modern, sophisticated, and personalized environments. Don’t miss the continuation of this article, where we will share more insights about the trends in custom cabinets and interior design for 2023.


Where beauty and functionality meet. Welcome to an exceptional custom cabinet experience in Orlando, Florida.

Where beauty and functionality meet. Welcome to an exceptional custom cabinet experience in Orlando, Florida.

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